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Kung Fu Club Bressuire

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Kung Fu Club Bressuire Kung fu club bressuire    
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Site du kung fu club bressuire. videos, photos, articles de presses, . sont en lignes. venez visiter le site et si vous voulez faire parti du club, contactez m.max goutfer coordonne sur le site
http://kungfuclubbressuire.e-monsite.com  fr  

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Cherilynn a écrit le 06-08-2016 :
That's the best answer by far! Thanks for <a href="http://watdjse.com">cogintbutinr.</a>

Destrey a écrit le 05-08-2016 :
Posts like this brigthen up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

Meme a écrit le 03-10-2015 :
First of all cook c, that was a stupid awsner. I would prefer Shaolin kung fu because I love the whole meditation stuff and the art. First of all I think it would be hard to put down a real Shaolin practicioner. I would say none of both is more powerful, if a Shaolin monk ffought a Jujitsu guy and lets say both are at the same level, the chances are 50-50. If the Jujitsu guy takes the Shaolin down guy, its over for the shaolin guy. But if the Shaolin guy performs one of his many deadly techniques on ground wether it is striking or takedown or espacially joint manipulating, the Jujitsu guy is on for some trouble.Assistant instructor

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