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Judo Sport

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Judo Sport Judo sport    
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Judo, sport, art préparation physique
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Denz a écrit le 09-08-2014 :
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Chard a écrit le 07-08-2014 :
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Lizbeth a écrit le 06-08-2014 :
You are a true inspiration,and I have nnihtog but the highest regard for your incredible sacrifices,willpower,devotion,skill level and achievement.What makes your outstanding achievements in Judo even more astonishing is how you have paced these amazing athletic achievements with equally sterling academic accolades.Props and the fist pound to ya,brah.

Comentator a écrit le 30-08-2011 :
Nice blog, nice sport!

Judoka a écrit le 02-01-2011 :
Best Blog, and Best Fighting Style

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