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Aoi Bushi Sobukan - Accueil

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Aoi Bushi Sobukan - Accueil Aoi bushi sobukan - accueil    
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Syuya a écrit le 30-09-2014 :
"They will play attractive exhgnace students who fall for Korean men. Of course."More like... "no sh*t". Of COURSE they should make Korean men look good on Korean cable TV. Why is the sky blue? The Earth round? And why are Korean men desired by women in Korea? Gee... maybe it's because the overwhelming majority of them aren't preoccupied with worshiping white men. Has that even occured to you, or are you just lost in your expat bubble? If it did, you white American male expats in Korea wouldn't be making all this rancid wine with your sour grapes.And what obligates Koreans to pay lip service to you, when everything outside of Korea is tailor-made to pander to your white male sexual ego? Should they have paired Sora Aoi with some blonde, blue-eyed chode? Please. If you want to see some of the usual All-American 'me love you long-time' Orientalist fantasies - just pop in a Hollywood movie/DVD that pairs up the white dude with an Asian girl. Then qwitcherbitchin', and call it a day.This suspiciously convenient myopia displayed by white men in Asia never ceases to amuse me. I guess they're just so used to the Hollywood idea of white males being sexual Adonises that they can't wrap their mind around the inalienable fact that there are parts of the world where they are not sexual top dog.Almost all Hollywood media executives are old Whites and Jews, so they make their action heroes and male sex symbols in their own image. Korea does the same with theirs. Oh well, a tit-for-tat?The day white American men have any moral weight to complain about the deification of Korean men in Korean media is the day their own American movie industry stops deifying white men and using Asian women as the sexual foil, while simultaneously stereotyping or excluding Asian men. http://gxprht.com [url=http://piicqxao.com]piicqxao[/url] [link=http://mmcitf.com]mmcitf[/link]

Yeni a écrit le 28-09-2014 :
The best part of the music shows are seeing the coimlrcmaes. I remember when I watched Akai Ito that the Pocky ads were left in with Junpei, Nao and Nanami. Loved them. I guess if it is a CM with someone I like than I want to see it, but it it isn't, then it has got to go http://taptufrvwqn.com [url=http://txtwut.com]txtwut[/url] [link=http://oibqwoe.com]oibqwoe[/link]

Leidy a écrit le 28-09-2014 :
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Ani a écrit le 26-09-2014 :
You're right, she's not in this film. IMDB messed up. Matsuko is in my top five of <a href="http://afuppaxxnv.com">fatvoire</a> japanese films. My only complaint would be the ending which dragged on and on and on. But other than that, I loved the rest of the movie and my <a href="http://afuppaxxnv.com">fatvoire</a> part was the Love is Life prison music video-like segment.

Alio a écrit le 25-09-2014 :
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