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AIKIDO SELF-DEFENSE Aikido self-defense    
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Les techniques d aikido et methodes de self-defense avec ou sans arme
http://sensei-club.exprimetoi.net  fr  

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Marwane a écrit le 03-10-2015 :
Permit me to plug Mastery. George Leonard is a towering fiurge in the human potential movement. His articles in Look magazine paved the way for educational reform in this country. His work at Esalen Institute has inspired the world. George coined the term "human potential movement." Frail and in his eighties, George is still inventing new moves in aikido. Mastery explains that you reach plateaus in performance improvement where you're stuck for a long time until the next breakthrough. Persistence and faith are required to work one's way to the next level. A short, memorable book.

Bogel a écrit le 31-08-2015 :
Yet it is common in mirtaal arts books to read quotes like Shirata Sensei wrote in his book Aikido-The Way of Harmony. He wrote that he believed “O-Sensei was a divine messenger sent here to warn us foolish human beings of the futility of waging war and killing each other.” Can this statement that O-Sensei was a divine messenger , be falsified (or proven) anymore than a statement such as, Jesus is Lord , Allah is the one true God , Hinduism is the one true religion , there is no God , so on and so forth?

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