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Aikido Club Bras Shumeikan dojo

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Aikido Club Bras Shumeikan dojo Aikido club bras shumeikan dojo    
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Club d a?kido de bras dans le var affilie ? la ffab et ena situe dans les locaux du shume?kan dojo enseignant micka?l martin 4eme dan b.e. ecole de tamura sense? ou il donne cours 2 fois par semaine.
http://www.aikido-budo.com  fr  

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Eduardo a écrit le 31-08-2015 :
Dear Sensei, thank for everything you've done for me. i trust you with all my heart, sohnimteg i haven't told you face to face ever. when i think of you and the dojo it makes me happy, makes me wonder what crazy fun work outs you're gonna get me to do next class. i love a challenge from you sensei! i never say never, i push forward never looking back to my past. i'm not gonna lie though sensei, i'm too scared to fail during work outs and i need some motivation from you. people ask who my hero is and say you your name and i talk about the dojo. goju ryu karate-do is me and always will be me, my bread and butter. thank you sensei, but please sensei i need motivation from you in class to remind me never to give up, never fail. i feel like some times in class i fail in working out hard but want more. i love the dojo and the new one down stairs. i wish i could repay you for everything that you've done for me!

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