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Ecole de Kung Fu Wing-Tsun

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Ecole de Kung Fu Wing-Tsun Ecole de kung fu wing-tsun    
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Ecole de kung fu wing-tsun , art martial traditionnel chinois. self-defense efficace accessible ? tous et ? toutes.
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Linnea a écrit le 05-01-2020 :
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Veanna a écrit le 19-05-2016 :
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Milena a écrit le 03-10-2015 :
Apr12Scott For an advance posern who trains sure, extend your arms so they are TOGETHER and parallel to the ground.For a posern who lifts weights or someone who is new to Wing Chun, if they find it too easy, it means they aren't doing it long enough or are doing it wrong (i.e not keeping elbows together.)Cheers!

Paul a écrit le 02-10-2015 :
Apr11Bill Dowding Guys, the exercise for the elwbos together, being a standard and traditional VTK exercise, should be performed with the hands pointing at least as low as a jum sau or guard position, and preferably trying to get horizontal for extra training, rather than pointing in the air. That is too easy meaning it isn't exercise and doesn't train the elbow for the normal fighting position aiming in front of you.Although it is true that if you can't even do it with the hands pointing vertically, a student needs to give up the gym work and focus on stretching, since anyone normal should be able to do it vertically.

Akshay a écrit le 09-08-2014 :
Feb08 Outstanding! Excellent job at keeping Chi Sao in it's<a href="http://dtlcctqyrgs.com"> poperr</a> perspective! I love that you are addressing, head on, the unfortunate Cheap Sao phenomenon. People create a false sense of accomplishment, and feed their ego, by getting a cheap tag in, with no real power behind it. Although you should always use great control when you play, the POTENTIAL to do great damage with the opening should be there. Your body HAS to be behind it! Otherwise you are just indulging your own delusion, and preparing yourself for absolute disaster in a real fight! Thank you for continuing to shed light in an often misunderstood area. You guys exemplify genuine Kung Fu integrity and wisdom.

Jenny a écrit le 07-08-2014 :
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Fatjon a écrit le 06-08-2014 :
For more information and deialts about Klaus and Wing Tsun, see the April edition of the Hua Hin/Cha Am Observer, available free around town, and also online.

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