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AS Vauréal Judo Jujitsu

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AS Vaureal Judo Jujitsu As vaureal judo jujitsu    
( 88 visites depuis le 18-09-2006 )
Presentation du club de judo de vaureal val d oise - presentation judo jujitsu taiso - album photos - videos - resultats - livre d or - liens - forme sante : dietetique, preparation physique - boutique
http://www.judo-vaureal.com/  fr  

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Marge a écrit le 07-08-2016 :
This is crytsal clear. Thanks for taking the time!

Damien a écrit le 03-10-2015 :
Possible. That last match was not the fault of Human Weapon crew, more like Fedor's fault for picking out such a white belt . Sambo is great for self-defense and if you pacitrce enough, it's great for all types of grappling (Naga, ADCC). You see, Sambo (as a self-defense form) was made for military and police. The goal of a Sambist is to stand and defend himself against 1 or multiple attackers. Now, a sambo guy is well versed in ground grappling but that's the last resort.

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