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Aikido in Auckland - Aikido on Auckland's North Sh

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Aikido à Auckland - Aikido sur Auckland North Sh. Aikido à auckland - aikido sur auckland north sh.    
( 14 visites depuis le 07-11-2007 )
Aikido à auckland - l'institut de l'aikido auckland. aïkido est un art martial japonais de la légitime défense.
http://www.aikidoauckland.co.nz  en  

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Warunee a écrit le 11-10-2014 :
Yes, I was working late high up in a tall bluiding in the Auckland CBD. The bluiding was making all sorts of noises for about 20 seconds, but it was not shaking.Having been in Christchurch for many quakes I knew what it was, but I just thought it was a small one off Mission Bay like the one a few years ago. Julian

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