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Aiki Kenpo Rainceen Aiki kenpo rainceen    
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L a?ki kenpo rainceen est une ecole d arts martiaux enseignant l a?ki kenpo, le kenpo, l ia?do le sabre et le jodo le baton . les differentes disciplines peuvent etre pratiquees par tous et ? tout age.
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Kazuki a écrit le 30-09-2014 :
Bryan,Nice post. The guy in the video does make some valid points; not all, but some. It's true, Tony Horton is <a href="http://icuiep.com">senllig</a> you a product and is marketing the hell out of that product. That or the fact that you have to purchase weights/bands yourself doesn't make it any less effective.The question a lot of people starting P90X have to ask themselves is what kind of body they are looking for. I think the guy in the video's real probably is that P90X won't make you look like Ronnie Colman in 90 days. You can tell he's a bigger, muscular guy and P90X isn't his type of workout. The fact is, P90X works, but it won't make you look like the guy in the video in 90 days or even look like Tony Horton in 90 days. Tony has been a fitness trainer much of his life and has trained a number of stars in Hollywood. Tony wasn't some couch potato that did the 90 day P90X program and now looks like he currently does.It just comes down to what your expectations are. If your expectations are to get in shape and lose weight, P90X will definitely do that for you (my wife lost 20 lbs). But if your goal is to look like the guy in the video, P90X isn't for you. You simply cannot get that type of body by doing body weight movements and you definitely can't get it in 90 days. If people are honest with themselves and realize that they will lose fat, they will lose weight, they will build muscle and be in great shape, P90X will work wonders for them.The main thing is for anyone wanting to get in shape is to just get your body moving. I know so many people that say I need to get in shape yet they never get off the couch. Whether it's P90X or Richard Simmon's Sweatin' to the Oldies, get off the couch, get your body moving and you will lose weight and get in shape. There's really no secret formula, just get moving. Sure, if you're physically able to do the exercises, P90X will likely help you reach your goals faster because it's so intense, but you can get in shape doing an number of things and it all stars will getting up and doing it.

Marvin a écrit le 30-09-2014 :
First I want to thank you for your comment. I apteicrape the feedback and all that you have said.Let's first say that I never once said that LP is not a phenomenal trainer nor did I mention his name in my blog. It would be ignorant to say so. I subscribe to his magazine and respect what he has done in the industry. I am not sure where that came from. There are many ways to get in great shape. I talk about what has worked for me. If my wording left you feeling like I was knocking a gym then I apologize. I have a gym membership and I talk a lot about nutrition with others. I am a firm believer in clean eating. I would love to do his class. I am a work in progress and learning. I speak about what I know has happened to me in my life. My blog is an online journal. I will say to you the same thing I said to the last person that felt I was shining a negative light on trainers. What I care about most is that those who do not make exercise and health a part of their lifestyle do so. I believe that it is a necessity. So many people do the same thing over and over with little result. Then they end up doing nothing. The point was we all reach a breaking point and when we do we should do something about it. I expressed what worked for me. I am sorry if you felt that it was delivered poorly and you are entitled to your opinion. Please let me clear the air though and state that I was not trying to knock personal trainers and I apologize if it came out that way. http://plqrgibhk.com [url=http://oqiyayb.com]oqiyayb[/url] [link=http://eotkhr.com]eotkhr[/link]

Kadence a écrit le 30-09-2014 :
Matt,We go way back and I can personally tell you, somnoee who is gonna be 31 and in great shape, that I strongly disagree with your blogs! I have been working out, swimming, lifting weights, and even trained (MMA) with people like Chuck Liddell over the last 10 years, doing all this with an open mind and giving it all a chance. All have been great but none compare to training with LP . I have known LP for 15 years and NOBODY does it it like he does. His equipment is top of the line and CANNOT be found in any gym. His motivation and tips on healthy eating are awesome. I am a health teacher and specialize in nutrition and know that he speaks the truth. I do not agree with your blogs and or your self promotion. I challenge you to try his class and judge for yourself. I have seen and experienced LP train people in a way where they push themselves, yet train at a level that is comfortable for them. LP is a trainer who makes you feel good about yourself, helps motivate people, and pushes you to a fitness level you never thought you could reach. LP uses simple techniques and words of motivation to push people to their limits. After it is all said and done, he preaches nutrition and treating your body right. His philosophy isn't all about lifting Its all about a healthy, well balanced life style. So before you post another blog about how trainers will leave you feeling like a failure, I challenge you to go and try LP's fitness class. It will change your views!Nick http://maeugboksd.com [url=http://ndojtnhopek.com]ndojtnhopek[/url] [link=http://xazkgumj.com]xazkgumj[/link]

Charles a écrit le 26-09-2014 :
a1Hola!! the next time you talk to her. As far as P90X for someone who is oerewvight and out of shape, hay 2 answers:1) P90X is an advanced program, so it should not be used at its full intensity by someone unless they have at least a baseline level of conditioning first. Beachbody de program is the precursor to P90X, and although it is not as intense as P90X, it is still radically effective. I have seen interviews with people who lost up to 100 pounds using Potencia 90.2) P90X like any fitness routine can be modified to increase or decrease the intensity. I would still recommend a baseline level of fitness for anyone who was going to try it, pero al mismo tiempo, Yo le dareda el consejo milenario que, independientemente del programa que actualmente se este1 utilizando, escuchando a su cuerpo es siempre la cosa me1s importante que hacer. Incluso durante un entrenamiento tan intenso como P90X, su cuerpo le dire1 si usted necesita para reducir su actividad, o si usted tiene que poner encima de.Ased que, general, Yo recomendareda energeda 90 P90X antes de que cualquiera que estuviera realmente fuera de forma, y que es la respuesta oficial de Beachbody a esa pregunta, ased. Ya que hizo que dichos programas, deberedan saber!

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